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In the spring of 1971, Jefferson Democrat/Brookville American Sports Editor Tom White received a letter from an inductee of the Brookville Regional Sports Hall of Fame last year.

The sports hall was established in 1970, but Bob Shawkey, a native of Siegel, was unable to participate in the event. He is 80 years old and lives in Syracuse, New York.

Xiao Ji is an easy choice for the first class. He won a major league pitcher in 195 games, starting with Connie Mack’s Philadelphia team in 1913 and ending as a 36-year-old veteran. He was one of the most famous teams in history-1927. Pitch for the New York Yankees.

In the meantime, Shawkey won 20 games four times, was the Yankees’ first starting pitcher, and won the World Series championship for the first time in 1923. Shawkey and teammate Bobby Ruth cooperated in April 1923 and were properly baptized in the newly built Yankee Stadium. Shawkey won on the mound, where Ruth hit his first Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys home run. When Shawkey defeated the Boston Red Sox 4-1, he really scored the first goal.

So, in the early 20th century, someone who grew up in the remote area of ​​Siegel, before the Yankees became a famous Cheap Boston Red Sox Jerseys franchise, he was the star pitcher of the Yankees.

Dear Mr. White and Mr. (Jerry) Matthews:,

I plan to join you on May 10. Mrs. Shawkey and I will drive down on the 9th because this is a long trip and can stay overnight for parties.

Would you like to book one or another motel for us, please choose and tell me which motel. I should be there early in the afternoon on the 9th.

Please tell me if I get the cost of the trip so that I can be prepared.

Thank you, your efforts will be very successful.

Sincerely, Bob Schucky.

As Shawkey was unable to attend his inauguration ceremony, he had the opportunity to speak at the second event, which included a group of new participants, including Glenn “Bogie” Lindmouth and Emmet Morrison , Joe Barnett and Rub Bresler.

White reported that with him, “Lon Sabine, Levre and Dick Pitt, all executive board members and Glenn Shaffer had lunch with Shaw Kee and his wife on Golden Eagle Monday the day before the event. Shaw. Mr. Key proved to be one of the most interesting talkers, and his audience did so enthusiastically. He showed the Wholesale Baseball Jerseys Authentic team the 1927 World Series championship ring and a special watch given to him by Joe DiMaggio.

“Before and after the banquet, Shawkey was overwhelmed by young and old job seekers.”

James Robert Bob Schucky was born in Siegel in 1890. He has three sisters, and his mother died of tuberculosis when he was 10 years old. The family farm is not far from the “city center” Siegel on Line 36. When he was a teenager, Shawkey worked in a timber camp, moving timber.

In the fall of 1910, after enrolling at the Skilow State Normal School, Connie Mack’s scout was spotted by Connie Mack’s scout while he was pitching for a semi-professional team in Bloomberg and signed a contract with him. . In 1913, he made his professional debut in A and spent two years on minors.

That A team defeated the New York Giants in five games and continued to win the World Series. Shawkey did not pitch in this series after only 18 games and 1/3 of 111 innings. Mike used only three pitchers in five games, two of which ended up being Hall of Fame pitchers Bender and Eddie Planck.

The 23-year-old Shawkey joined the regular rotation of A in 1914, leading the overall staff with a score of 15 to 8 and 237 points Cheap New York Giants Jerseys in the 2.73 era. Also in the pitching staff, the 19-year-old rookie left-handed Ruby Bresler… from the encoder, the same Bresler, he was introduced to the Hall of Fame in 1971. By the way, he led 10:4 with a score of 1.77 in 2/3 of 147 innings in 29 games, of which he only started in 10 games.

But in the World Series, Team A was swept by the Boston Warriors, famous for the “Invincible Spectacle”, and when it was most important, they caught fire.

Next season, as Mike begins to rebuild, the team ends in a 43:109 fiasco, and A’s dominance will end. After 17 appearances for the A team, Shawkey was sold to the Yankees on June 28 for $3,000.

A week after he pitched for the A’s final game and won in Philadelphia’s 12-7 victory over the Yankees, Shawkey made his Yankee debut and lost to the A team in Philadelphia 6:5. He finished the season with a score of 10:13, and the Yankees ended the season 4-7.

Shawkey pitched on the Yankees’ plain weave for the last 12 years. In his first full season with the Yankees in 1916, this may be his best performance:

24-14, 53 appearances in the 2.21 era, including 27 starts. He completed the best 27 games in the league and made 8 saves. This means that Schucky walked out of the bullpen between the scheduled start. Shawkey cast 276 innings of 2/3 innings and hit 122 innings.

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