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Welcome to this replayed day in Yankee history. Pitchers and receivers will report to spring training in just a few days. These daily mails will highlight two to three key moments in Yankees history on a specific date and will also recognize those born on that day. Players. Hope you enjoy this memory journey Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys with us!

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This day in Yankees history (February 16)

97 years ago

Tony Boxer, the third baseman of the Boston Warriors, became the first active major league player to die in a car accident. He was fatally injured Cheap Jerseys For Sale the day before. Boxer is a career average (103 or more) hitters. He has played in six major leagues for the Pittsburgh Pirates and Boston Warriors. Yankees outfielder Bob Meusel was also a passenger in Bokel’s fatal car accident, but fortunately for Meusel, he escaped unscathed. Meusel is already a former World Series champion and MVP vote winner. He will continue to win two other series with the Yankees and win MVP votes in the other two seasons. Before playing as a member of the Cincinnati Reds in the final year of his career, Meusel spent ten seasons with the Yankees.

54 years ago

New York Yankees pitcher

Redhead image by Seymour Wally/New York Daily News Archive via Getty Images

After the BBWAA failed to pass the 1967 standard vote to select a player into the Hall of Fame, the former Red Sox, Yankees and-for a brief moment-the White Sox ace red shirts were admitted through special elections. Love is a six-time All-Star Game and World Series champion, both of the Yankees, with a career record of 68.6 and a record of 273 wins and 225 losses. As a member of the unfortunate Red Sox, he lost more than 20 games, but with the support of the killer platoon Yankees led by Babe Ruth and Lou Grieg, he has Cheap Red Sox Jerseys at least four consecutive seasons. Won the same many games.

Led by left-handed Gomez, Ruffin led a major Yankees team to throw more than 3,000 innings in part of 15 seasons. He is also an excellent pitcher, hitting 36 home runs in his career. Perhaps the most striking part of all these achievements is that Raf lost four toes in a mining disaster in his teens while doing all of this.

20 years ago

Mariano Rivera renewed his contract with the Yankees for 4 years, valued at $40 million. This is the third consecutive World Series championship for the Yankees, including Mo Yan’s MVP performance in the ’99 Fall Classic. During the course of this contract, Rivera participated in three All-Star games and two World Series, losing both times, including the 2001 infamous series champion chip shot to the Arizona Diamondbacks Luis Gun Saras. In his last nine seasons with the Yankees (19 in total), Rivera won another championship, participated in seven All-Star games (14 in total), and won three MVP and Cy Young votes respectively. (9 votes and 6 votes respectively). After retiring in 2013, Rivera was named the first to vote in the Hall of Fame, and still holds the record of MLB completed games (952 games), saves (652 games) and ERA=+ (202 games). Make him the most dominant pitcher in every game in the history of Major League Baseball.

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