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Welcome to today in Yankee history. Now that the spring training has officially started, it’s time to cheer up for the upcoming season. These Daily Mail will highlight two to three key moments in Yankees’ history on a particular day, and will also recognize players born on that day. We hope you enjoy this memory journey with us!

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91 years ago

Babe Ruth became the highest-paid player in major league history on this day in 1930, earning $80,000 a year from a two-year contract worth $160,000 during the depression period of the Great Depression. According to reports, Yankees general manager Barlow said that “no one will get more salary than Ruth,” which is of course untrue. In his New Deal, Ruth also earned more than US President Herbert Hoover. When asked about this gossip, Ruth replied that he had a better life than Hoover Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys this year. Considering that Ruth hit 46 home runs this season, 154 RBI points, when Hoover oversaw the worst economic crisis in the United States, he hit 0.345 points, it is difficult to refute Ruth’s statement.

74 years ago

The Yankees and Dodgers played a spring training game in Havana, Cuba today in 1947. This was not an impressive performance for the Bombers. They lost 1-0 in overtime and only received one hit (the tenth game of Snape Steenves Single). The game was played in front of more than 5,000 fans at the new stadium in Havana and Wholesale Jerseys From China eventually became the preliminaries for the World Series. The Yankees lost the overseas exhibition game, but won a big one, beating the Dodgers in seven games at the World Series later that year.

22 years ago

“Yankee Clippers” Joe DiMaggio died of lung cancer today at the age of 84. DiMaggio is a lifelong Yankee who has won nine World Series, three most valuable players, two hitting crowns, and created a legendary 56 consecutive victories in 1941. After he retired, he was considered “the greatest baseball player in the world”, and the baseball community expressed condolences for his failure. To commemorate DiMaggio’s legacy, the Yankees patched Cheap Dodgers Jerseys their jerseys and won their 25th World Series championship later that year.

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Today’s Yankees birthday includes the late Jim Bowton, a Yankee player from 1962 to 1968, who recorded his experience in the major leagues in the book “Fourth Ball” published in 1970. The content of Bowton’s book includes many obscene details and allegations of cheating in the sports world. The content of this book hurt Bowden’s reputation in the game. After the game was published, he was more or less disqualified from the game, worked and retired among minors, but he finally initiated it in 1978 when he was 39 years old. A short 5-game MLB comeback.

The 1954 Rookie of the Year and the 1957 All-Star Bob Grim also celebrated their birthdays today with the old savior Lance McCullers who pitched for the Yankees from 1989 to 1990. His son Lance McCullers Jr. notoriously fooled the Yankees with a series of breaks.

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