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Welcome to a repeat of today in Yankee history. Even at the beginning of the 2020 season, the Pinstripe Alley team decided to continue to restart the project in a new form. These Daily Mail will highlight two or three key moments in Yankees’ history on a given date, as well as acknowledging the players who were born that day. Hope you can enjoy this trip with us along the road of memory!

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Today is this day in Yankees history (September 7)

65 years ago

For the second time in a row, Whiteford kept A’s field goal percentage at one shooting percentage, becoming the fifth major league pitcher to shoot one Wholesale MLB Jerseys in a row. However, between the two openings, Ford did something that no one else did. In the 8-3 victory over the Senator, he recorded 4 saves. Since Ford, only three other pitchers have recorded a hitter in consecutive starts. The most recent pitcher to achieve this Cheap New York Yankees Jerseys feat in 2012 was 37-year-old R.A. Dickey, in his only Cy youth winning season. While emphasizing that Ford always has the advantage from bumps, Dickey’s 2.73 era in 2012 barely exceeded Ford’s 16-year career record of 2.75, which is the Hall of Fame career. In addition, Ford’s career +133 is the 11th pitcher, in the major leagues, at least 15 seasons have started.

46 years ago

In the second year of his 11 years with the Yankees, Gregg Nettle broke the bat against the Tigers in a home shot, revealing 6 rubber super balls in the barrel. After the incident, Knight said, “This is the first time I have used it. The Yankees fans in Chicago gave it to me and said it would bring me good luck. There is no brand name on it. Maybe he did it himself. It has been on the racket stand. I picked it up by mistake because it looks like the racket I used in the last few days. “Although the nettle was grabbed by Cheap Baseball Jerseys Store the red hand and called out, his solo shot stood up. This Provided a different performance for the Yankees’ 1-0 victory.

22 years ago

Mark McGonagall wire played the 61st game in 70 home games. In 61 (his father’s 61st birthday), he tied Roger Maris 61. Although he and Sami Sosa will record five total seasons that surpassed Maris from 1998 to 2001, Barry Bonds has set a historical record, and the total score in 2001 remains at 73. Regardless of taking steroids or not, McGonagall Wire’s 98 season is still one of the greatest offensive individual attacks in baseball history. His 1.222 offenses is the 16th single-season highest number of singles in history, and the year’s .753 hits. The ball hit rate is the tenth hit in baseball history. In addition, McGonagall Wire’s 583 professional home games are still 11th in history. Although he may never see his appearance being loaded into Cooperstown because he admits to steroid use, but if he does not recognize the dominance of the turbocharged long ball of McGregor and Souza in the late 90s, he will not. May tell the story of the big leagues.

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The Yankees, born on September 7th, have a total of 73 cricket appearances in their career. Darren Bragg of “Millennium Turn” magazine only recorded 4 cricket appearances at the club after he was released by the Met in 2001. Although the Yankees fell to the Cubs in the World Series that season, Prague did not Cheap Baltimore Orioles Jerseys record a great record in the entire playoffs. William Paul Bill Holden, born in 1889, changed their names from the New York Highlanders in the first season of the Yankees. In September 1913, he was taken over by the club. He remained a Yankee player until July 1914, when he was traded and also traded for $5,000 for Birdie Cree, the bird of the Baltimore Orioles. In every game of Creel’s career with the Yankees, the Orioles remained in the International League until 1954, and still maintained the team’s eighth-highest total number of steals in a season (48).